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Patricia Little Is Your Go-To Professional for Restoring Art and Collectibles

Meet Patricia Little, owner of Restorations by Patricia in Nutley, New Jersey. She has been professionally restoring art, antiques, and collectibles for more than 15 years. Many companies, organizations, and religious institutions have recognized her repair and restoration work. She has provided restoration services for the Archbishop of New Jersey!

Getting Started

Fifteen years ago, Patricia Little was unable to work a full-time job, so she started fixing  small religious statuary and nativities as a church volunteer. She found she had a genuine, undiscovered talent and decided to make this her new career. Over the years, she has gained tremendous expertise and now has clients all over the continent. I have certifications from private speciality classes for restorations in the USA and from Ravenna Italy for Byzintine Mosaics.

Passion for Restoring Art

Restoring art is a passion of Patricia's. Using the finest earth clays and strongest synthetics, finest adhesives, sealers, lacquers, oils, glazes, and fillers, she is able to restore most antiques and collectibles. Her knowledge and expertise with the oldest and the newest techniques comes from hands-on study with masters from around the world and many years of practical application.

Connecting to Other Restoration Specialists

Patricia has established a small and select network of artists, sculptors, and plaster experts to fashion missing and unique pieces of art. Experience, dedication, and patience are the most important elements that contribute to her success.

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